Hair colors are no longer restricted to the boring black and brown shades. In fact, they have evolved to give life to our creative taste and not just to cover grey hair. This year, the hair colors are getting more diverse and wacky than ever before.

Check out the latest hair color trends of 2017 that will set you apart from the regular crowd.

Rose Gold Hair Color

The subtle golden rose color surely makes an impression! The slightly dark pinkish hue with a golden tint will make heads turn.

Image result for rose gold hair color

Golden Copper Hair Color

This color manages to shimmer due to the addition of gold and copper color. It will look great on lighter to wheatish skin tone. We bet you can’t get enough of this color.

Vibrant Blue Hair Color

Blue as a hair color choice seemed insane some years ago. But the time has come when every possible color in the palette is being given its due. This bold color is not for the faint-hearted though.

Deep Purple Hair Color

This deep purple hair color has a hint of plum passion to bring out its vibrancy. It complements dark color clothing perfectly. The finishing effect is not too matte and not too shiny either.

This looks like Deep Purple Dream with a hint of Plum Passion... gorgeous.

Vampire Red Hair Color

What do you think of this hair color? Bold, bright, vibrant or just too crazy? Whatever you may think, it is definitely out there but for the daredevils this might just be the hair color you have been waiting for.




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