Gone are the days of the traditional buzz cut hairdo for every guy. Men are getting equally fashion conscious and the results are amazing. Their haircuts and hairstyles are as elaborate as women and it makes men look uber stylish and desirable as hell.

Below are some of the hairdos for men that are rocking in 2017.

Man Bun

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A man bun can look classy and sophisticated on a guy. It can balance your ruggedness with a soft appeal and makes you look more relateable.  It is trendy and the fashion forward guys will surely appreciate it’s cool guy vibe.

Top Bun

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Men look hot when sporting a bun on their head. It is no longer a hairstyle reserved for women. It can make you look stylish and cool and will surely get you noticed by the ladies.


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The pompadour hairstyle is all the rage right now. It’s classy, it’s stylish and perfect for all face types. So, next time you go for a haircut do remember to style your hair in a pompadour for maximum eye candy appeal.

Mohawk Fade

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Yes mohawks are back but with a trendy twist! The fade cut complements the mohawk perfectly. Mohawks always meant way too much hair so the fade look at the sides and back provide the right balance to make you look sexy and a trendsetter at the same time.

Cornrows For Men

men's cornrows | Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men/ Black Men: Short Cornrow ...

Cornrows have always looked great on men. If you wanna go for the ultimate hip-hop look, try the cornrows and watch your style quotient go through the roof. It might be a little difficult to style, but once you get it right, there will be no stopping you.


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