There are two very important things in any desi parent’s life—that their kid must score more than the neighbor’s kids and that they should get married as soon as they come-of-age.

The latter is, perhaps, more important than anything or anyone in the world! That’s exactly why it’s difficult to reason with Indian parents who’ve made their minds about their kids’ marriageable age. They will go to any length and say the most bizarre things to get their kids married.

What is the crappiest thing your parents have said to you about this?

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  1. My family thought I’m gay as I always say No when my parents start the topic of marriage..for them marriage is a kind of therapy to cure that so called ailment according to them…They probably think at age 25 I need to get married and save myself and the khandan’s ijat ..Well it’s way too sophisticated for them to understand there’s more than marriage in life once my career gets settled.. Like explaining my wish to have a solo trip around the word or planting a million trees in life…


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