In this world of technology, smartphones have become a necessity. Just like eating, breathing and sleeping are mandatory tasks, texting has also become a task that is necessary to be done. People might skip their morning tea or breakfast, but missing out on replying to a morning chat is highly improbable. If there is any disruption of the internet or mobile signal while people are chatting, then they start getting paranoid and restless for no reason at all.

Be it homes, public transports, work places, colleges, gym or even when walking on the road, all you can see is people with smartphones in their hands twiddling their thumbs and texting. This is a big time addiction, which is very likely to come to an end.

This addiction can be seen in both the genders; however, there is a striking difference in the way they text their friends and family. It is not good to have a look at someone else’s conversations, but these conversations are so hilarious that we just could not stop ourselves from taking a sneak peek. These screenshots are going to show you how guys and girls text in entirely different ways.

Have a look.

The conversation starts with a proposal.

And this is how the girl reacts to the proposal.

Now the girl is not referred to by her name; instead, she has become Bhabhi.

Here’s the girl’s reaction on being called to the boy’s room.

Friends are always there for advice, even though they may pretend like they do not care.

Girl planning the birthday present!

And when guys go through heartbreak…

And when girls go through heartbreak…

We are sure most of you are going to agree with this.

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