The world of fashion looks glamorous to the hilt. But like any other industry, it is carved through hard work and perseverance of the passionate artists. If you are trying to climb the ladder of success in this industry, then reading these books will help you gain insight and with carving a niche for yourself as a fashionista.

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

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This book introduces us to the big bad world of fashion through the eyes of an intern. Although it looks ultra glamorous from the outside, the inner workings of a fashion industry is anything but. It is perfect for students wanting to make it big in the fashion world as it will help you set realistic expectations from your dream career.

The Powder Room by Shefalee Vasudev 

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Shefalee decodes the history of Indian fashion and provides delectable anecdotes about the fashion industry. Her experience as a fashion journalist and former editor of Marie Claire makes her most apt to tackle the subject. Her writing is disarming and provides a relateable account of the rose-tinted appearance of the glamour world.

Chanel: An Intimate Life by Lisa Chaney

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Lisa Chaney is an acclaimed biographer and this time around her subject is the legendary Coco Chanel. Chanel inspired a generation of women and made fashion a tangible thing. Her success story is as inspirational as her fashion. This book comes highly recommended if you want to learn about the fashion revolution brought by Chanel.

The Green Room by Wendell Rodricks

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Rodricks is a notable Indian fashion designer whose work has been trailblazing from the beginning. His life story involves always challenging norms and redefining boundaries to produce exemplary work. In this book you see the self-made man behind the brand and the success.

Alexander McQueen: Evolution by Katherine Gleason

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McQueen, like a true artist, finds inspiration in everything around him. His runway shows are nothing short of spectacular and the book delves deep into 35 of his best shows on the runway. You get to dive head-first into all the craziness and get exclusive behind-the-scenes scoop of the best runway shows in the world.



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