Finding the right life partner is something we all girls fantasize about. Although the cute guy you are dating might seem irresistible and courteous, but will he remain the same in the long run? If you are confused about whether your bf is a keeper, these traits in your guy will ensure you that he is the one.

A good listener

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We all know that guys aren’t the best at listening to a woman, be it their mother or their wife. But if your boyfriend makes an effort to listen to every silly thought that comes out of your mouth, it means he is genuinely interested. Ladies, he is a keeper!


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I once dated a guy who wouldn’t share his passwords with me. Although it makes sense to an extent, true love is about trust and if your guy trusts you then he definitely loves you immensely.

Values your opinions

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Your opinions on matters of his life are important to him. No matter how big or small the issue, he feels comfortable discussing it with you and values your feedback.

Honesty and transparency 

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Let’s be honest, even if you might get hurt sometimes, your guy will be honest about things because having a transparent relationship is of utmost importance to him. It’s a sign of respect, ladies.

Isn’t afraid of confrontations

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Sometimes in relationships, people comply because they don’t want to come across as rude and selfish. But people in a happy relationship aren’t afraid of confrontations as it allows them to express their feelings and they also know that hey can work around it.

Enjoys ”together time”

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People in relationships spend a lot of time together. But the quality of time spent is crucial here. If your guy likes to do couple things with you and plans things to ensure a special time for the both of you, then he is invested in you for sure.

 Family and friends

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If your guy feels comfortable introducing you to his family and can show you off to his friends, then he is definitely getting serious about you girl.


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