Yes, love makes the world go round. But when it comes to marriage, it is more of a bittersweet kind of love that develops over years of being together. When you choose to live your entire life with only one person, it seems like true love. But the reality is that it can be a lot of work. That is why people joke about the relationship between a husband and wife. Here are some funny quips about the annoying wife and the hopeless husband only married couples will enjoy.

True that.

How marriage has recognized the world over.

A woman has a great taste until she gets married that is.

On why husbands make a great partner.

The playful banter between husbands and wives is everlasting.

If only you could guess which one is who.

Husband (to wife): Touché

Great advice on how to have a successful marriage

Marriage is a game of chess….

Don’t all women agree on this one?

For those offended, it is all in good humor.


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