Receiving your first salary is definitely a big deal, girl. When you leave the confines of the classroom and enter the boardroom, you feel in-charge of your life for the first time since like ever. And so, the best part occurs only once every month, you know where you receive your salary and for the first few days you feel like a queen in a shopping mall.

Below are some funny quotes that will resonate with every girl if you’ve ever received your first salary.

Finallyyyy! I received my first ever salary. I’m the queen of the world. (a la Titanic)

Been waiting for this since ages. Money cannot elude me any more.

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I am an independent and a strong woman.There’s no stopping me now.

No more begging mom and dad for pocket money. (Phew!)

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I have so many things planned on how I want to spend my salary. I can’t wait to get started.

Going through a mental list of all the desirable items worth purchasing.

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Probably should get something for mom and dad as well.

A thank you gift for putting up with me all these years.

Hey! What is this tax deduction all about?

Stupid me for not realizing that the government also needs (and greeds) a lump sum of my salary.

Everything is so expensive. How will I make my salary last the entire month?

What? I cannot get that adorable dress and the heels both this month. It will tear apart my budget. Damn!

Shoot! I won’t be able to save anything this month.

Why is my salary so darn less?  Why?

I am happy with my salary but just wished it had another zero at the end.

(continues rambling) ….Why is my salary so darn less?  Why?

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Never mind! I will save next month for sure.

Only 30 days to next salary and I already have my bucket list of items planned.

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