Who wouldn’t love to travel all over the world and bask in the diversity of cultures and ethnicities. If you have wanderlust and wanna go backpacking across Europe or go on a world trip across the globe, then knowing which is the safest place to travel will come in handy. We break it down for you and list the top 5 countries that are considered the safest for travelers.

This study was carried out by The Institute of Economics and Peace using a grading system known as Global Peace Index. It ranked 163 countries based on various factors like political stability, international and domestic conflict, etc. Below are the top 5 countries that fared well on this assessment.

5. Denmark

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Denmark is also considered the happiest place on earth and so travelling to this country will fill you with nothing less than great memories.

4. Austria 

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This country scores the number 4 spot for less violence experienced during elections and for fewer no. of citizen with arms and weapons.

3. Portugal

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Portugal is famous for its beauty, political neutrality and low crime rates. Additionally, it is an affordable place to live in where the people are very hospitable.

2. New Zealand

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The Kiwis are pretty chilled-out people who believe in ”Live and Let Live”. The country bags the no. 2 spot for having negligent internal conflict and violence.

And drum roll..

1. Iceland

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Iceland is considered to be the safest place for travelers due to the low rates of homicide, terrorism and criminals.

What do you think of this list? Have you ever visited any of  these countries? If yes, then would you like to share your travel experience? Please sound off in the comments section below.


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