We love braids as much as the next girl. And who wouldn’t? The various styles and looks that you can pull off with braids is infinite. It’s simple (once you understand the basics) and takes the least time and you end up looking classy and ethereal at best. If you are in search of new hairdos for this season, look no further. We bring you the trendiest do’s straight from our favorite celebrities that will make you look like a million bucks yourself.

The Milkmaid Braid

This super-simple hairstyle may look complicated but the truth is that it takes under 2-minutes to achieve. It is perfect for mid-length to long hair and it would not give the desired result on short hair. Just take a section of your hair near the ears and do a normal braid. Flip it over the other side over the crown of your head and with the help of bobby pins tuck it behind the ears on the other side. And voila! You are good to go.

Dutch Braid With A Twist

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This combination of dutch braid and a ponytail can do wonders to any outfit. Just divide your hair into three parts, the middle section and two sides and start by doing a dutch braid on all three sections.  When you reach midpoint just tie it together in a ponytail.

The Classic Dutch Braid

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It is a brand new take on the traditional two plaits. Divide your hair down the middle and do dutch braids on either sides. Go till the end and tie it with a rubber band.

Fishtail Braid

Hair for gaye holud with small yellow flowers through braid

Another simple hairstyle! But this one is time-consuming based on the length of your hair. Take all of your hair together and tie a ponytail for the ease of doing this hairstyle. Just divide the ponytail into two sections and take a small part of one section and cross it over the other one. Similarly do it for the next side. Continue doing so till you reach the end of your hair. Happy braiding!

The Crown Braid

This hairdo is super chic that can uplift any outfit and increase your glam quotient. It is also simple easy and you just have two keep rolling two sections of a side part over and over again and keep adding hair to the lower section.


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