The popular TV Show Friends ended in 2004 and the world collectively took a gasp of despair. For 10 years (since 1994) fans looked forward to the show once a week  to check in on Joey, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe and Ross. In fact, an entire generation of kids grew up on the show and its everlasting status is evident from the fact that it is one of the most talked-about shows of the 90’s.

As an ode to the epic comedy, let’s rewind the time and regale in some of the best plots and story lines that made us squeal with joy.

Ross and Rachel, will they, won’t they?

Image result for friends Ross and 'Rachel' second kiss

Their impending romance kept fans guessing throughout the earlier seasons. Once Rachel locked lips with Ross, it seemed like happily ever after. But there were many hitches along the way like their argument over whether they were indeed on a break kept fans in splits throughout its ten-year run.

Monica and Chandler’s engagement

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Monica and Chandler’s romance was an impulsive thing even for the creators. But once they kissed, they never looked back. And soon enough the day arrived when Monica went down on her knees and said ‘There’s a reason girls don’t do this’ to which Chandler proposed and melted our hearts away.

Ross saying ‘Rachel’ at his second wedding

Image result for friends Ross saying 'Rachel' at his second wedding

Who could have said his ex-girlfriend’s name at his wedding with his fiance? Only Ross could pull that off. And it is kinda justified since the name he said was Rachel’s.

The switching apartments story line

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Early on in the show, the guys vs the girls game ends in them switching their apartments. The guys are ecstatic as they get to live in a furnished and very clean apartment (courtesy Monica). On the other hand, the girls have to contend with living in the shabby apartment across the hall that belonged to the guys. P.S. The switch back was also epic.

When Rachel got off the plane

Image result for friends When Rachel got off the plane

The finale episode had us hooked right till the very end. A still-in-love Ross chases Rachel through the airport to confess his never-ending love before she departs for Paris. But alas she leaves him (and the fans) broken hearted to board the plane. So, imagine everyone’s surprise when she gets off the plane to reunite with Ross.

Phoebe getting married

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The whimsical Phoebe found the perfect partner in Mike Hannigan. He was loving and adored Phoebe for who she was. Their wedding was a low-key affair but was packed with enough emotional punch.

We hope this trip down memory lane was as satisfying to you as it was for us. For all that nostalgia creeping back in, we have Friends re-runs to thank.





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