Don’t we all feel that we can be a few pounds lighter? But the reality is that shedding weight is no easy task. If you are like most of us and detest going to the gym for a strenuous workout, here are few tips that you can incorporate in your daily life that can make a huge difference in the weight over time.

Warm Water

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The benefits of drinking warm water are mostly ignored by people because it is so simple that it does not make much sense. But the truth is that a glass of warm water (preferably with lemon) on an empty stomach in the morning and after every meal can help you lose fat considerably and also improve your immune system.

Use the stairs

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I know it sounds like a bore but using the stairs on your commute rather than the lift can help you in the long run (pun intended). If your busy work schedule does not permit for an exercise workout, then this can help you burn calories every day just like your workout session would.

Adequate sleep

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A healthy lifestyle is integral to a healthy body. And getting enough sleep to let your body and mind recharge can work wonders for you. So skip those late night working hours and hit the bed at the right time, and you will wake up in the morning feeling rejuvenated and positive which is half the battle won.

Drink Water

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You must have heard that drinking 8 glasses of water has multiple benefits. Apart from maintaining our skin, it can also help reduce the fat in our body. Also, sometimes when you are feeling hungry, it is water that your body craves. Therefore hunger pangs can also be subsided by drinking water which will save you from amassing calories when you binge.

Physical activity

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No, we don’t strictly mean gymming. Because everyone knows how we feel about that. But any activity that you enjoy like swimming, biking, playing tennis or doing yoga. You don’t cringe away from it because you love it and it also helps you stay in shape. Killing two birds in one stone.


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