In the age of Instagram, aren’t weddings all about photographs these days? If you are about to get married, I can bet a million dollars that the one thing that you are most excited about is your pre-wedding photo shoot.

Pre-wedding photo shoots are best when they portray the essence of the couple to its fullest. To get perfect images of your loving moments, explore your interests as a couple and incorporate them into your shoot. And luckily, we live in a world where everything is possible when it comes to photography.

So, if you’re trying to figure out what suits you the best as a couple, we have hand picked some great ideas and themes for your pre-wedding shoot:

#1 Turn Into The Mini You

Miniature photo shoots are the newest trend in town. They look goofy and adorable and most importantly make your pre-wedding album super unique!

CoolBluez Photography

#2 You, Me & Us!

Do you have pets that are an integral part of your family and well, life? Then why not feature their cute furry faces in your pre-wedding pictures and increase their cute quotient.

Picture Courtesy- Cupcake Productions

Add the ‘awwwww’ factor to your album with your adorable pet!

Picture Courtesy – Flashbakc Studios

Trust us, you just can’t go wrong with this 🙂

Picture courtesy- Shevan J Photography

#3 For The Melodramatic Filmy Couple

Are you both a movie buff? Then why not make your pre-wedding shoot totally filmy. Pick up your favorite movie (Bollywood or Hollywood) and recreate it for your shoot.
Pro Tip: Choose the most iconic of films that are full of drama.

#4 Like To Go On Picnics?

Are you the kind who loves to take strolls in a park and take a basket of bread with some wine and cake to spend a day sitting on the grass and talking? Then, this is the right theme for you!

#5 The Gourmet Couple

Are you the couple who is happily watching Masterchef series or cooking together on weekends? Go for this cute cooking theme for your pre-wedding shoot in that case and make everyone go “aww” at your pictures.

shutter down

#6 You’re my Destination!

Picture courtesy – Wedding Nama

When you’re ready to go the extra mile, go get your Prewedding Shoot done at the picturesque Udaipur, heavenly Kashmir or stunning Leh Ladakh!

Picture courtesy – Wedding Nama

A little getaway before the wedding is definitely an added charm! 😉

Picture courtesy – Wedding Nama

#7 The high & low Tides of Life!

Picture Courtesy – Edit Master Wedding

There’s nothing quite like being together on a boat in the middle of nowhere!

Picture Courtesy – Avinash Shetty Photography

Add on the mystery of an aerial shot – & you’ve got yourself a masterpiece!

# 8 The only Wonder of my World!

Picture courtesy – Wedding Nama

Nothing and absolutely nothing symbolizes love more than the epic Taj Mahal or the charming Eiffel tower!

Picture Courtesy – Infinite Memories

This one is forever, so go timeless with a black and white shot!

Picture courtesy – Wedding Nama

#9 The Pre-wedding Shoot where you Take the Plunge!

Picture Courtesy – The Photo Diary

Anything for you! Ready to take the plunge? Well, take it then!!!

Picture Courtesy – Bhuvnesh Mutha

Be mine?!!! … & hold your breath while you hold hands underwater to get that perfect shot!

Picture courtesy – Wedding Nama

Fairytale Proposal? Check

# 10 Magically Together!

Picture Courtesy- Cupcake Productions

Love is Magical!

Unleash the magic and imagine how your love makes you fly… then go get it shot!

 Indian Wedding Blog
Picture Courtesy – Reels and Frames

Love isn’t Everybody’s Cup of Tea!

# 11 The Pre-wedding Shoot that Says ‘Love is Crazy’!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas
Picture Courtesy – Bhavesh Shinde Photography

When you’ve found your ‘Bakra’!

Having fun & being crazy together is what makes you click!

 Indian Wedding Blog
Picture Courtesy – Little Big Weddings

Let’s fly Away!

Don’t forget to add a shot of what you do best… pulling each other’s legs!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas
Picture Courtesy – Mehang Desai

God Save Him!!

#12 Those Stunning Aerial Photoshoots!

Prewedding Photography
Picture Courtesy – The Wedding Story

When in Love, look up & Smile!

Nothing quite as romantic as a shot from up above!

Prewedding Photography
Picture Courtesy – Tej Nookala

Love Blossoms!

Gives your love a whole new perspective, doesn’t it!

#13  The ‘Can’t Wait to Kiss You’ Shot!

Prewedding Photography
Picture Courtesy – Prasad Devrukhkar

The Irresistible Spiderman Kiss!

That sizzling stunning shot which says, everything else can wait… but I just can’t wait to Kiss you!!! 😘

Prewedding Photography

Love that Stops you in your Tracks!

#14 The Pre-wedding Shoot with a Theme!

Prewedding Photography
Picture courtesy – Hitched & Clicked at The Perfect Location

Charmingly Yours!

Bored of the same old locations and poses? Go role playing!

Prewedding Photography
Picture Courtesy – Infinite Memories at The Perfect Location

Drunk on You!

Think out of the ordinary and add a vintage romantic flavor to your love!

Prewedding Photography

#15 In The Romantic Rains

If we have mentioned snow then how can we forget its lovey-dovey cousin, the rain? Get yourself some cute yet passionate pictures by getting clicked in the rain.


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