Choosing the right necklace to wear with the specific neckline of our top or a dress is sometimes very confusing.  Nowadays there are tons of options for neck pieces like there are chokers in trend, long beads, short pendants and the list goes on. So matching your necklace with correct neckline is no more difficult now. Take a look

1 Square Necklines – Anglular Pendants

If you are wearing a square neck either it’s a top or a dress, angular pendants go best with this kind of neck.

2 Halter Necklines – Slim Pendants

Slim Pendants undoubtedly looks best with Halter neck dress or a top.

3 Collar Neck – Short Pendants

If you are wearing a collared shirt for an office party then you don’t have to look boring. Glam up with a neck piece, it will add up to your look.  Short pendants suit best with collar neck.

4 V Neckline – V shaped Necklace

V Neck dresses looks best when put on with a V shaped necklace.

5 Strapless – Choker

Off shoulders, Strapless top or dresses are so much in trend nowadays. Every girl is having off-shoulders in their wardrobe that goes well with a piece of a choker.

6 Boat Neck – Long Beads Necklace

Boat neck not only comes with a single style but also there are different types of boat styling like a deep boat cut neck, Medium boat, and short boat neck. Every kind of boat can be put along with long bead necklace.

7 Sweetheart Neckline – Curved Beads Necklace

Not many of us know about Sweetheart neck type. It’s basically heart shaped neckline from the bottom which can be complemented by curved beads necklace.

8 Turtle Neck – Long Chains or Heavy Pendants

Turtle Necks are nothing new but are in trend since long time back. But to make it new, one can freshen this style up by adding a neck piece to this style. Heavy pendants and Long chains run well with this.


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