Vancouver Fashion Week is ready with the premiere of its 30th season on the 18th of September. VFW is one of the fastest growing fashion weeks and attracts designers from all over the world. Multiculturalism is a big part of the fashion week as it is the melting pot of designers and models coming together from different cultural backgrounds sharing their common love for creativity and fashion.

VFW is the only runway where models are not restricted to their sizes. We feature models who depict real women and break away from the stereotypical view of a size zero model. VFW believes in breaking conventional views and creating a wholesome platform and equal opportunity for the talented models. We celebrate different ethnicities, sizes and shapes as beauty is not conformed to a particular belief system.
VFW is the perfect platform for models and designers to shine in the spotlight as it has a global viewership. Our week-long fashion show is all about acceptance and celebration of diversity and the uniqueness that makes each of us special.
We are the only industry event that showcases internationally recognized designers from around 25 of the best global fashion capitals. Many past designers have attained success and created a name for themselves in this highly competitive fashion industry by starting out at VFW. With over 40 local and 50 global designers sharing the stage to showcase their creativity, it is bound to be an amazing display of variety and individuality.

You can catch all the latest news about the Vancouver Fashion Week SS18 by staying tuned to Magzian. We will bring you all the exclusive snippets from one of the most diverse fashion weeks and fill your everyday dose of fashion with entertaining and glamorous news from VFW. You can also visit for more such relevant news.


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