Marriage can be quite a task in our society, a chore of sorts that has to be completed as soon as possible. Bugged by this mentality Indhuja Pillai a Bangalore-based Engineer did something that left us all impressed. The 24-year-old created a snazzy matrimonial site describing her real self in the

The 24-year-old created a snazzy matrimonial site describing her real self in the most at way possible. This surprisingly turns out to be everything but the ideal matrimonial CV, but it makes a courageous move considering our hypocritical society and its norms on marriage.

Indhuja in her post points to a whole lot of things that men looking for marriage should take note of. So we went ahead and created a list of 10 types of men who must see this matrimonial CV before they approach a girl (PS: It can be quite an eye-opening experience!)

The mumma’s boy:

If you call your mom five times a day and haven’t found your soul mate yet this CV tells you exactly why. Hint: You are already in love with your mom. Enough said!

The male chauvinist:

So you want a wife who can cook and clean and wait at the door when you walk in from work? Seriously! Dear male chauvinistic pig, read this CV – says every girl, everywhere.

Creepy stalker:

You need to read this because it is important for you to know that creepy messages and e-stalking

If you are on a matrimonial site, you better want to get married. Because meeting commitment phobic jerks isn’t our thing.

The procrastinator:

Seriously if you are so unsure, why the hell are you on this platform anyway? Take a decision, NO

The baby:

This matrimonial bio is a slap in the face of all those men who think their wives will be their caretakers. No, she will be just your wife. Not your servant, not your cook but your wife

The show-off: 

If you think you are the best, we are pretty sure you haven’t met too many decent people in life, and that says a lot about you. So please, take a look at this CV and get your feet back on the ground

The ultimate loser:

You hate your job, have no hobbies, are a constant whiner and you still want a good looking girl, who earns, cooks, cleans and wears traditional clothes? Yeah well, this CV was made for people like you.

The control freak:

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to control your partner, seriously you need to get married to a TV instead. And don’t forget to read this CV.

The awkward guy:

You don’t talk, can’t hold a two-minute conversation and do nothing exciting in life, right? Well, marriage certainly can wait.


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