A sister is both your mirror – and your opposite.

A sister can be a girl’s best friend or the biggest pain in one’s side for it depends on the person, the day, or even the hour. But deep inside you know the fact that; she will always be there for you.

A sister can be a girl’s best friend or the biggest pain-Selfie girls

She might annoy you, irritate you and keep competing with you but deep inside you know for the fact that she will always be there for you. Sisters indeed make our lives, worth living isn’t it?

Here are some well-justified factors about having a sister,

1. You get to share 1000 inside jokes about others between the two of you.

But the both of you; get defensive when others comment or chide about them.

20 Signs That Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

2 . Whenever there’s bad news, you share it with your sister first.

So that they can help you speculate your parent’s reaction beforehand.
20 Signs That Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

3 . Your sister is your first best friend.

For no matter what, you guys are inseparable.


4. You get unlimited wardrobe options.

For you can raid her closet; whenever you want

clothes gif

5. She is always RIGHT.

high-five sister gifShe knows just what the best is for you.

6. She can spot fake friends of yours, right from day ONE.


You are convinced enough, that she is psychic.

7 . You have a special bond with her.

special bond sisters

She can stand all your silly nuances even in public and not give a damn to what others think of it.

8. She’s your built-in ally.

sisters best friends gif

She can take the blame for all your mistakes in front of your parents.

9. You can hate people’s guts even if you don’t know anything about them because they’re on your sister’s hate list.

sister’s hate list

I don’t care if I’ve never met them – you’ve told me all I need to know.

10 . You can expect her to be true when it comes to choosing dresses; for you know she knows what’s knows you about any questionable clothing purchases.

20 Signs That Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

I tell you it looks shit on you, for I don’t want others to do the same.

11. You can call them anytime of the day/night.

20 Signs That Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

For you know they will be available at your beck and call, no matter what.

12 . You can talk about everything under the sun with her.

Sister gif

For you know she has no other option but to listen to your crap.

13 . She’s the only person with whom you can, ugly snap chat with & vice-versa.

ugly snapchat

Poor girlie.

14 . And you can always keep ugly pictures of them to blackmail.

sister best friend

Or just as a reminder for them to stay humble to you always.

15. They will always have your back when you fight with your parents.

They will always have your back, when you fight with your parents.

– Even If both of you do know that you’re wrong.

16 . You can still fight with her – all day long


And expect her to turn up when you need her.

17. They’re that one person in this world with whom you can have a fight like hell for one minute and engage on a rendezvous, the next.

sisters fighting gif

*You are such an irritating hell, don’t ever talk to me

So, shall we order Pizza? *

18. She may tease you, all she can


But will protect you when others do the same.

19. She’s that one person in this world, on whom you can rely for sound advice and honest liners


– Even though they may hurt or prick at times. Truth is always painful, isn’t it?

20 . Still, you know for sure that she will stand by you and guard your back during the ups & downs of life.


She’s your BFF, by birth! Indeed.


What are some of your favorite things about having sisters? Tell us in the comments!


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