Siblings are known to be at each other’s throats (literally) and at the same time the best confidante you can find in the whole world. If you have a sibling, you can relate to these situations when you are bullied by your older sibling  and make plans to exact revenge on them. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see the moments that were either purely chaotic or full of love and everything in between.

The TV remote fight

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Life becomes a mess when there are two adamant kids and only one television set. Every family with more than one kid has seen this situation. Siblings fighting over the TV remote and the older one winning (every time) while the younger one sulks in the side and gives way. Ah! happy times.

The Ex files

While growing up, you share your secret crushes with each other and all the fun details about the person you are going out with. But when you go through a break-up, your sibling inadvertently becomes the shoulder to cry on. You could never find such a bitter-sweet and everlasting bond. OK maybe you could with great friends, but after a point they also feel like family, don’t they?

Weight struggles

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Your sibling is the first person to point out your extra weight and give you a hard time for  it. All that harmless banter and pulling your leg gets to you every time, though.

The adopted theory

Image result for siblings adopted memesEvery younger sibling can recall being horrified hearing that they were adopted. It is the most-used trick pulled by older siblings to have the upper hand in the equation. Bet you are glad that you are grown-ups now and are certain about your real parents.

The snitch of the family 

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Siblings usually know each other’s secrets and fun gossips. But the problem occurs when one decides to rat the other out to ”mom”. Then begins a series of begging and bribing and that skill comes in handy as a grown-up too. So, thank your sibling really.


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