We all have that friend whose vogue game is often on purpose and we surprise ‘How will she catch on right each time?’ No, it’s not a coincidence and it’s heap over simply having a good sense of fashion. curious what?

Here are 7 basic rules fashionable girls forever follow!

1. Clothes are the simplest way of expressing yourself

Your dressing sense says a lot about you as wear is a style of communication. So, forever try to dress up with an intention.

2. Dressing for the occasion

Always select your clothes as per the occasion. Don’t be overdressed or underdressed in line with the event you’reattending.

3. The correct match will work wonders

If your dress doesn’t match the means it ought to and if it’s not your size then it won’t look sensible on you. Be it a combination of jeans or a simple tee; purchase clothes in line with your size.

4. know when to experiment

Yes, you must experiment with trends however at a similar time you must understand when is that the right time to try and do that.

5. One Must have a Style Signature

No two people have the same sense of fashion. understand what suits best on you and have a signature style. simply because it’s trending, dressing an exact means isn’t a good idea.

6. Details matter

Every girl contains an LBD but how your LBD is totally different from all? till you add a personal touch to that, your outfit isn’t complete. Even wearing a belt will create all the difference.

7.  A Great Pair of Jeans is Worth Investing in.

There is a reason why a combine of well-fitted jeans is referred to as a wardrobe staple. These jeans can come back to the rescue once you simply can’t decide what to wear.


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