1. Use A White Illuminating Eyeshadow On Your Cupid’s Bow

Out of highlighter or don’t want to spend big bucks on it? Get that enviable Priyanka Chopra-esque pout by dabbing a white, pearl finish, illuminating eyeshadow on your cupid’s bow. This color is easy to get your hands on and is part of most palettes.

2. Use A Bronzer Under Your Collarbones

Want to rock the chiseled look like Deepika Padukone? Pop a little bronzer under your collarbones to make them look as sharp as glass.

3. Use A Concealer In Your Tear Duct

Want your eyes to look as bright as Alia Bhatt’s, without layering on that pesky shimmer eyeshadow? Just take a light-toned concealer and place near your tear duct and you’re good to go!

4. Your Concealer Can Double Up As A Contouring Product

If you want beautiful cheekbones like Shraddha Kapoor, all you need to do is take a dark concealer and dab it in the hollows of your cheeks and blend till there are no harsh lines. Thank us later.

5. Your A Dark Foundation On Your Cleavage

Ditch that uncomfortable push-up bra! Take it a step further, like Bipasha Basu, without the extra effort. Apply a darker foundation on your cleavage and get ready for some instant Va-Va-Voom!

6. Use Powder On Your Lashes

Want long, feathery lashes but can’t get yourself to use false eyelashes? Fret not. Dust a tiny bit of powder on your lashes between coats of mascara and watch them become dense and beautiful.


7. Use A Shadow As Your Liner

If you want a sexy daytime appropriate smokey eye, swap your harsh black eyeliner for a deep brown eyeshadow and apply it like you would your liner.

8. Use Your Blush On Your Eyes

If you’re in a pinch, take your favorite peach blush and apply it all over your lid (with a light hand) and get that beautiful healthy glow.
Alia Bhatt

9. Use Vaseline And Eye Shadow As A Lip Gloss

Ran out of your favorite lip gloss color? Take a pea-sized amount of Vaseline and mix it with your preferred eye shadow color and pop it on those lips. Easy peasy.


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