Salman Khan‘s Bigg Boss is one among the foremost popular reality shows in India. The show isn’t solelyentertaining, however controversial too. Bigg Boss 11 started recently and that we need to say that this has been one among the most controversial starts to any season. Not only did we see fights,

however a contestant (Priyank Sharma) was ousted because he cuffed and pushed a fellow contestant (Akash Dadlani). however that’s not it! Zubair Khan, who reportedly has links to Dawood Ibrahim’s family, was additionally very abusive towards the housemates and he even threatened them many times with dire consequences. This didn’t go down well with host Salman and he let his frustration be seen. He not only slammed Zubair throughout the show, however additionally gave him a warning.

However, even before obtaining an opportunity to boost, Zubair was eliminated from the show last night. Before he left, he created a disturbance by eating all his medicines. The team rushed him to the doctor and whereas we hear he was fine, seems like he wasn’t pleased with his ouster from the show. In fact, he has gone on to file a written complaint against the show also as actor for threatening him. But wait, there’s more! In his written complaint, Zubair has even created a stunning confession that Bigg Boss 11 is scripted. Don’t believe us? Well inspect his written complaint to a ngo when the police apparently refused to file an FIR

He made a few other revelations in the complaint note like how Salman and Colors threatened him and how the police refused to file an FIR. However, after the NGO issued a letter to the police to hear Zubair’s case and file an FIR, the ex contestant will travel back to Lonavala and finally lodge a case. We wonder what does Salman have to say about this? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below!


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