The issue about supercars is that they tend to be terribly expensive. Most house owners drive them with extreme caution and therefore the enthusiast kind tends to love them like a kid. therefore when a punk set to climb on the roof of 1, the owner taught him a lesson he can always remember.

As you’ll be able to see, messing with a man’s pride and joy are dangerous. The punk 1st steps on the bonnet, the windscreen from where he proceeds to the roof, and though it’s not very clear from the video, the engine cover possibly, before scooting off. He then comes back for seconds, however, lands up getting pushed to the bottom and punched in the face.

“You’re lucky I don’t f***ing kill you right now!”

Just so you recognize, the Lamborghini Aventador costs up to Rs 5 crore depending on the amount of customisation. And as you’ll imagine, the scuff on the paint will possibly price lakh of rupees to fix.

How long he lay unconscious on the road we don’t recognize.

You can watch the video here:

Bro, you don’t mess with anyone’s car.


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