Spruce up your bedroom with these simple ideas and watch the visual transformation yourself. These ideas can help you with space issues, in case your bedroom has limited space, and can also make your bedroom look very organized and free-of-clutter.

Icicle Lights

You can make great use of the festival lights by adding them to your bedroom decor. And believe us, the effect is nothing short of magic. You can add it to your ceiling or create a lamp with fairy/icicle lights and your boring bedroom will spruce up with this simple inclusion.

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Make-up Organiser 

Make-up accessories are essential to every girl but stocking them the right way can be a hassle. So organizing them in a way that they are accessible and handy is like hitting the jackpot.

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Closet Door

With limited living space, every inch counts. So make the most of your closet door to hang clothes and accessories. And Voila! you will have a space that is not too cluttered and can look cool and easy to find (which is half the battle won).

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Book Shelf

Essentials like books can take up space and look chunky gathering dust in the corner of the room. Use funky and creative ways to store them and they can look eye-catching and be the star attraction of your bedroom.

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Rod To The Rescue

In the absence of a closet, the best way to store clothes is to hang them on rods. You can organize them as shown in the image below.

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