With one of the most happening international holidays just around the corner, every millennial couple is definitely debating as to what should their costume be like. For the girls, it has got to be cute and attractive, but with a tinge of horror. The boys? Most of them want to be goofy and the others? Well, let’s admit it, girls, they couldn’t care less.

Here’s a list of the quickest and easiest last-minute DIY costumes to make you stand out and earn wow’s from your fellow friends.

1. Joyce Byers and ‘The Wall’

With the Season 2 of Stranger Things just out, this DIY costume is sure to attract some eyeballs.

2. King and Queen of Hearts

An adorable and quick fix guide to your Halloween costume. All you need is two white t-shirts, some red paint and cardboard cutouts of crowns and you’re good to go.

3. The Naked Sims Characters

All that this goofy pair of costume requires is a lil bit of boldness and some crayons.

4. Harley Quinn and Joker

This superhero couple spells all kinds of crazy and fun. If heavy makeup and hair color is the trouble you’re willing to take, Voila! you have yourselves a costume!

5. Soap and Loofah!

You’re the jam to my toast, the cheese to my pizza and the milk to my cookies and in the same way, you’re the Soap to my Loofah.

6. Cowboy and Cowgirl

Giddy up folks! Put together a plaid shirt, a bandana, and some cowboy hats and you’ve got yourselves looking like bada** cowboys!

7. WhatsApp Dance Emojis

Aren’t this one of the cutest emojis on WhatsApp? Black t-shirts and some black shorts and you’re good to go.

8. Zombie Bride and Groom

Want to get into the true spirit of Halloween, but still look stylish as ever? Zombie Bride and Groom is the perfect mix of spook and glamour!

9. Jager bomb!

What’s the best combination for shots known to mankind? Redbull + Jagermeister, that’s it.

10. Khaleesi and Drogo

A big Game of Thrones fan? You could dress up as the power couple of the show.


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