Dhinchak Pooja to Drop Another Bomb!?


Having taken a whole lot of selfies, drank an insane amount of daaru and taken a big fat amount of cash from her baapu, Dhinchak Pooja, the newest wild card entrant of Bigg Boss has now spread, what one would call her ‘jalwa’ in the Bigg Boss house.

If her infamous viral songs with cocky lyrics and badly shot videos to go with it were not enough, she is back again with another upcoming viral song from inside the Bigg Boss House and what’s more? She’s got her housemates supporting her.

If you have a death wish, you could tune into the latest episode of Bigg Boss and your wish would be granted. This teen sensation is surely going places. Maybe with her music, not so much, but definitely with her infamous and quirky personality,

if I can politely put it. Whatever it may be, this girl has found a golden key to unlock the first step towards stardom that is become an internet sensation.


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