All my fellow carnivores! Where y’all at?! When I say burger, if ‘Burger King’, or ‘McDonald’s’ is what comes to your mind, I’m sorry to say this but, you’ve been living in a world class delusion.

You’ve been missing out on the meat-loaded, scrumptious burgers at Jimis Burger, founded by the man himself Jimmy Bhore. The man of the hour. He is accompanied by his wife, and they run the joints (Malad and Andheri) together. Not only is he the owner, but also responsible for flipping burgers back in the kitchen. If you’re lucky enough, you might just get a burger made by Jimmy.

Originally, when the first branch opened in Malad, Jimi’s shot to popularity in no time! All the meat lovers were chanting just one name, ‘Jimis’.

Check out their mouth-watering Menu right here.

There’s a little something for everyone here. He has also made sure that his Vegetarian mates are looked after as well.

WE ARE BACK! A killer click by @chnovefsarish, super glad you relished the Hybrid Jawbreaker. ・・・ The HYBRID JAWBREAKER at JIMIS BURGER is a must have for every burger lover. It's got best of all worlds with three patties (BEEF+CHICKEN+PORK) + 4×CHEESE + BACON + EGG + CHORIZO JAM. The taste certainly revolves around the jam which is a type of savory jam made with chorizo sausages (pork) Sherry or red wine vinegar and a sweetening agent such as sugar or maple syrup (major ingredients). The Jam gives the body to the burger with a slightly sweet and sour taste which hits the palate and compliments well with the cheese & meat patties. It took me only 20 minutes to finish this burger 💯 Talking about the drink in the background, GREEN APPLE ICE CREAM SODA is also a great beverage to have @jimisburger with a slightly creamy taste because duh! The outlet was much better than the last time I visited and I absolutely loved it there and I am looking forward to visit again for the best burgers in the suburbs as the menu has a great variety of burgers, appetizers and beverages and believe me , it's all worth it 💯 P.S. Looking forward to have my favourite burgers in the suburbs real soon 🖖 #JimisBurger #TheJawbreaker #foodporn #foodlover #foodlife #foodislife #foodblogger #blog #goodfood #bossfoodie #shoutout_thefoodie #foodbae #kitchenlife #food #hungrylife #burgerporn #burgasm #burgergram #mumbaifoodie #foodofmumbai #crazyindianfoodie #instafood #food52grams #foodceleb #burger #burgerlove #meat #meatlover #HungryAF

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With an extensive menu consisting of lip-smacking burgers like ‘Stuffed Herb Cheese Chicken’, ‘Chorizo Pork Cheddar’, ‘Crunchy Fried Chicken’, ‘Cheese Tease’; the Jawbreakers (huge stacked burgers with generous amounts of meat – usually unable to fit in one’s mouth with just one bite) are still hands down the limelight of the show. With 5 varied Jawbreakers, the Classic Jawbreaker happens to be, as the name says it all, a class apart.

Apart from being a sight for sore eyes and like manna for the mouth, the burgers at Jimi’s are affordable as hell! Now you know what you’ve got to do on the coming weekend. Catch hold of all your friends and drop by to the Jimi’s Burgers closest to you.

You can thank us later.




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