Are you the kind of person who looks for something more than just spice and plain drag action? Are you someone who’s tired of the shows with the same corny jokes? Are you bored of the same thriller mystery where the girlfriend turns out to be the killer? Does it take more than just a monster under the bed to scare the crap out of you?

Well here are the top shows on Netflix that are definitely worth a watch.

  1. Stranger Things

This Netflix Original has got it all. The funkiness of the 80’s, kickass nosy kids with a rough tongue, monsters, and a nail-bitting story. If you’re looking for a sci-fi thriller to give you sleepless nights, well you’re in for a treat! Having only two seasons so far, this show has definitely got it’s watchers wanting for more after releasing the Second Season on 27th October, 2017, not so long ago. This one’s a must watch.

2. Black Mirror

If your definition of watching something fun is to watch something twisted, Black Mirror will exceed your expectations. With a world swarmed with advanced technology and corruption being at its highest of peaks, Black Mirror is set to take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, because the story each episode portrays, has a high possibility of happening to us. Not now, but maybe in the near future.

3. Narcos

The perfect Drama-Crime series based on the infamous drug cartel lord Pablo Escobar will have you confused. Whether to applaud his business ethics and perseverance, or to cringe and dismiss his life decisions. A must watch for all the hijo de puta’s out there.

4. House of Cards

Dirty politics. Web of lies. Ruthless politicians aren’t just a reality these days. They also make for great fictional fodder. Kevin Spacey stars as a congressman out for revenge who works his way up — way up — the ranks of American politics. A great political serious drama.

5. Lemoney Snicket’s – A Series of Unfortunate Events

Neil Patrick Harris plays the vile Count Olaf who’s after the fortune of the three orphans Violet, Klaus and Sunny.This has got to be one of the most underrated series out there in the cloud of Netflix. Having a steampunk theme to it, this dark comedy is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. You’d want to pity the state of the orphans, but the sarcasm in Count Olaf’s comments might just let a good laugh escape your mouths.

6. Orange Is The New Black

The series will make viewers laugh and think, and every once in a while, it will break viewers’ hearts. The diverse, engaging ensemble cast is chock-full of fan favorites, and while Orange is the New Black traffics in stereotypes, it also challenges and complicates them. The acting is superb, the writing is brilliant, and the storylines are addictive.

7. Rick and Morty

Wise-cracks? Check. Hilariously designed profanity? Check. Crazy Scientist Grandpa? Check. Inter-Dimensional Space Travel? Check.

Join Morty on his Space adventures with his infamous Grandpa Rick on mind-boggling travels. Not only is this animated show beautifully illustrated, but also has intelligent jokes for the tolerant and open-minded audience out there who don’t take offensive jokes too seriously. If the adults want to reminisce their childhood of watching cartoons, Rick and Morty is sure to give you the best of both worlds.

8. That 70’s Show

What do these teenagers do best? Hang out, piss of their parents and get into trouble. Watch this beautifully authenticated show based in the 70’s with Eric – The lanky guy with a cool basement, Kelso – Who’s so dumb, it could actually hurt your brain, Donna – The hot girl who settled, Fez – The foreigner whose only goal is to get laid, Jackie – A narcissist of class ‘A’ and Steven – Whose rebellious attitude will slowly but definitely get under your skin.

9. Sense8

What happens when a group of people are linked mentally? This show weaves love and affection that the characters have for each other in a way that the viewer cannot help but be moved. It is one of the most diverse and reassuring sci-fi series made.

10. Marvel’s Daredevil

He’s blind, but he’s badass. This Marvel hero has surely taken other superhero sitcoms by storm. Not only is it brilliantly shot but also excellently choreographed, and superbly written. Daredevil is so far outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as to be completely distinct. It is darker, even more brutal, and grittier than the film franchise could be or think of being. With some light and humor in the show, the audience are moved to draw empathy towards the characters.


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