This Canadian Instagram poet still remains unmasked but his poems seem to be reverberating in the hearts, mind and soul or a heart-broken lover, a person who loved too damn hard or simply a person who has never felt love.

His identity has still been kept under wraps but he goes by the pen name Atticus as was previously mentioned. Atticus does not reveal much about himself.

He’s from British Columbia, he’s in his late 20s, and he seems to move around a lot – between Canada, Europe and L.A. – he lives in Venice Beach when he’s there.

Here are some of his beautiful works.

Needless to say, his poetries have won the hearts of almost half a million people statistically according to Instagram, but maybe more, worldwide. He goes by the name @atticuspoetry on Instagram.

Only recently on did he release his first ever book Love, Her and Wild.

When asked the following questions, these were the humble poets answers  –

Do you think you will ever reveal your identity?

I don’t think I will. I’m not precious about who I am underneath. If people found out, if people have guesses, I don’t care; I’m not worried about that. If everyone knew who I am, I’d still wear the mask because at this point I feel it’s a symbol of something bigger and that’s what I want to project.

Do you think social media has been good for poetry?

100 per cent I do. There are huge cons to Instagram poetry, but there are huge pros. At the end of the day, there’s a huge resurgence of poetry and it’s because of social media. You’re introducing a generation of people to words and playing with words and messing up and making mistakes and that’s a beautiful, powerful thing. I sometimes see Instagram poetry as a gateway drug, as it were, to poetry and to more classical poetry. 

Well Atticus, keep writing and inspiring us to fall in love.


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