Another terror attack on the streets of Manhattan that took 8 lives and we can’t help but feel saddened by it. Turns out Priyanka Chopra’s NYC home is just 5 blocks away from the place where the attack took place. A 29-year-old man that the police identify as an immigrant from Uzbekistan, rented a vehicle and ran over a couple of people, refusing to stop. 8 people were killed and 11 were injured. The police managed to track him down and arrest him but people are obviously scared and terrified of whatever happened in broad daylight on such a busy street. According to reports, the driver kept shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ which translates to ‘God is Great’.

Priyanka took to Twitter and said, “Nyc.. As resilient as ever. Iu.  My condolences to everyone affected by this tragedy.” She also tweeted, “This happened 5 blocks from my home, As I drive back home from work, Dreary sirens remind me that this is the state of the world #nyc #peace”. This is not the first time that someone has managed to attack people in broad daylight this year and it’s scarier than anything else. Check out Priyanka’s tweets reacting to the terror attack right here.

In a series of pictures that made their way online, PeeCee was photographed shooting an intense kidnapping scene on New York’s city streets. She will soon be seen reprising her role of FBI agent Alex Parish for the new season that is expected to have 13 episodes.

Latest reports about the attack state that a 29-year-old suspect was shot by police in the abdomen and arrested after he crashed the truck into a school. Investigators reportedly found a note in the truck claiming that the suspect carried out the attack in the name of the Islamic State terror group.


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