Our daily skincare regime is incomplete without cleansing. Your skin’s glow depends on the way you clean your face. Believe it or not, many of us do it the wrong way. Here are 8 skincare mistakes you may have been making while cleansing your face.

1. Exfoliating daily

Exfoliating daily doesn’t give you blemish free and smooth skin. Too much of it makes your skin irritated and raw. Exfoliate your skin weekly with not so harsh scrubs.

2. Hot water showers

Natural oils of your skin are stripped off by hot water. Thus, lukewarm water is great for your skin as it keeps your skin unaffected and hydrated.

3. Washing your face with dirty hands

When you wash your face with dirty hands dirt get the transfer to your face and the whole purpose of cleansing your face gets defeated. While washing your face, hygiene should be your foremost priority.

4. Using face wipes

Using face wipes to clean your face is not the best option. These wipes are loaded with chemicals that are harmful to your skin.

5. Using harsh cleansers

This is a common mistake we all commit! Yes, it may remove oil and dirt from your face but it also strips off natural oils from your skin.

6. Not reading the ingredients of the products you use

By reading the ingredients of the products you buy, you will be able to understand your product better. You are missing on important stuff by not reading this ingredients list.

7. Once is never enough

Washing your face once a day is not enough. Wash your face once in the morning and once in the night before hitting the sack. To get rid of all the makeup grim, use a heavy-duty cleanser at night and a mild cleanser for the morning.

8. Not letting your skin absorb the cleanser

Never ever let your skin soak up the cleanser. Unlike serums, they don’t replenish and moisturize your skin rather makes it dry.


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