A stunning hairstyle never fails to capture a guy’s attention. Although, few hairstyles are sexy and flattering some are not so attractive and worth having. But have you ever wondered what kind of hairstyles do men like and dislike? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here are few hairstyles that men love on women plus, the ones they hate!

What men like:

1. Boho Waves

Not poker straight but long, wavy hair makes his heart skip a beat. And He loves your soft and loose locks.

2. Loose Curls

Women with curly hair are stunning and can draw a man’s attention easily.

3. Side-swept Waves

Women who can balance their look flawlessly are liked by men more. Side-swept waves make you look glamorous and attractive by showing off your features and neckline.

4. A-line Bob

No, we are not talking about messy bob but A-Line Bob. Men like this unique and pretty hairstyle a lot as this hairstyle makes you look confident and stylish.

5. Ombre Coloured Hair

This trendy hair color is an instant turn on for men as girls with this colored hairstyle look unique and raw. And men find this trait a quite irresistible.

What men don’t like:

1. Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bangs are not at all attractive to men as they find it boring and plain. Blunt bang hides your ears, eyebrows, collarbone, forehead, and neckline and is not a sexy hairstyle.

2. Tight Top Knots

Yes, Tight Top Knots look neat but they are not at all flirty or creative. They are not much liked by men

3. Simple ponytail

Basic ponytails are not attractive. Men find it reserved, casual and uncreative.

4. Shaggy Hairdo

Unlayered and shabby hair is not attractive to men. They force men to think of you to be haphazard and untidy girl IRL.

5. Excessively Long Hair

Excessively Long Hair looks monotonous and dull. Moreover, this hairstyle doesn’t suit everyone as it depends on personality and body structure.


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