Every girl dreams about this special day. Every bride wants this day to be a picture-perfect one, with a dash of glamor just like a Yash Raj or Karan Johar movie. Come on girls, let’s accept it, it’s our guilty pleasure.

But before the wedding bells are rung, here are a few things that the blushing bride should keep in mind at all times. A little prep in advance will surely go a long way. So sit back, follow these steps to the T, and your wedding night is sure to be magical and memorable.

Be Yourself!

Yes, your friends must have definitely given you advice or tips on how to be sexy or try to bring out that oomph factor. If you can, well then nothing like it! But if not, then just be yourself, because that’s way more attractive. Your husband will like to see the real you and like it when you’re confident and comfortable in your own skin, doing what you do best.

It’s Got To Be Special, Not Perfect.

There is no rule book as such which you can follow for your first night as husband-wife to be perfect. All you’ve got to do is make sure that the love you have for each other is conveyed to your better half, that you’re expressive and that you’re doing things that make the both of you happy. Remember girls, each relationship and each couple is different. So what is right for your friend, might not be the right thing for you.

Things Could Get Awkward.

If you’ve known your partner beforehand, of course, you’re going to be comfortable around them. But if it’s an arranged marriage and you hardly know them, the ‘Suhaag Raat’, could get awkward and cringe-worthy. But don’t stress that’s normal. Just take a deep breath and go with the flow.

Your Life Isn’t Bollywood.

Some of us girls might be practical and might say that cheesiness is not our thing, but come on, if you have Shah Rukh Khan wooing you, wouldn’t you just melt away? Having said that, movies show us the perfect world, and sadly, that’s not how life is, because if it was, instead of writing this article, I would’ve been in some part of the world just traveling. So keep your expectations low, because that gives you a higher chance of being surprised by your partner.

Sex Could Hurt.

If it’s your first time ever, sex could hurt just a little and you might even bleed, because your hymen will break (you’ll no more be a virgin), but after that, it’s going to be a smooth ride, girls. *wink wink*

If it’s not your first time, it could still hurt because it’s someone new.

Either way, to avoid the fail-moment, keep a lubricant handy on your bedside.

Brazilian Wax? Ouch!

One of the most important things about your ‘Suhaag Raat’, is to be well groomed. It’s always nice to be clean down there, or even bushy, depending on how your man likes it.

A popular research suggests you mow the lawn for a clean field. Apart from that, make sure your mouth is fresh and has no stale stench, because that girl, could be a huge turn-off.

Wear Something Oh So Sexy, But Comfortable.

You know those ultra skimpy clothes you’ve seen Sunny Leone adorn at some point, well you don’t have to go to that extent. Something kinky and naughty, which suits your body type and shows enough skin could do the trick. You could also wear a short satin nighty to tease your man. It will drive him crazy.

Whatever you wear, make sure you’re comfortable in it because of a bra strap or your thong popping, is not the most pleasant thing, unless your partner is the culprit. *nudge nudge*

Get Naughty & Take Control.

Show him what you’ve got! He may be the dominant one, but this time you could take control. This is sure to get him all sweaty and worked up. Show him how it’s done. Don’t just lie down there, take over.

Let Bygones Be Bygones.

At no point in time should you bring up your ex or how things were between Y’all? He doesn’t want to hear how good it was or how long it lasted. Just plainly don’t dig up old graves.

Feel Free To Ask.

Last but not the least. Clear all your doubts. Ask a friend, your elder sister, mother or your cousin. Nobody learned things directly from the womb. So if there’s anything that’s eating you up on the inside, get it out of you and talk it out. You don’t want a panic attack at the last moment.


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