Crushing hard over that new guy in college? A colleague at work who gives you butterflies in your tummy every time you look at him? Well, waiting for him to notice you and not doing anything about it is not going to help at all, and hello! That is so yesterday, girl! To get his attention, all you’ve got to do is master these flirtatious moves to zoom into his radar and show him that you are interested.

  1. When he catches you looking at him, don’t shy away! Instead flash him a sweet smile.

2. Send him a friend request on Facebook. if you can’t muster the courage, follow him on Instagram. Your love story is just a click away! It’s also the easiest way to let him know that you have been checking him out 😉

3. Bump into him “accidentally” and use the opportunity to strike up a conversation with him. Charm him with your little talk, and try to drop hints.

4. Ignore him once in a while so that he misses your attention, but not so much that he thinks you’ve lost interest. There’s a very thin line between being subtle here, or going overboard. You’ve got to be careful.

5. Ask him out casually. Mind you, you’ve got to be smooth AF here, or it might just come across as creepy. Say something like: “Hey! I heard the momos at the new place near office are fab; want to grab some?”

6. Confidence is hot. Strut your stuff like you own it and be a 100% yourself. Trust me, guys can see through if you’re faking it. So take control and exude confidence.

7. Lean in for a “friendly” hug so that he gets a whiff of your sexy perfume and feels your hot bod.





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