For girls, our bedroom is a cozy little world where we do self-counseling, dance madly, cry our heart out and much more. We want to keep our room pretty and clean, and that’s why we at Magzian are here to give you few tips which you can use to give a makeover to your bedroom using old Diwali lights. Isn’t it sounds interesting?

We are pretty sure that many of these lights must be lying in a corner of your house after the Diwali festivities. So, here are some amazing ideas to decorate your bedroom with those fancy lights. *BLING BLING*

1. Bottle Lighting

This one is pretty easy and beautiful. You just have to put fairy lights in a glass bottle and you are done. Switch on the button and get delighted. With this, you can also use stuffed toys to brighten up your space.


2. Fairy Lights And flowers

Convert your simple flower pot into a happening one. Scatter the fairy lights by decorating the flowers on the corner table. Any kind of flowers can be used for making this beautiful piece. If you want to highlight the corner table, then put fancy candles or tiny jars besides flower pot.


3. Brighten Up The Bed

Night lamps are old-fashioned; give your bed a makeover with these fairy lights. Use lights to outline the back of the bed, and it will serve the purpose of a night lamp. For mesmerizing effect, use flowery fairy tales.


4. Memory String

This one is super cute. Photo frames are too mainstream, use fairy lights to make strings of memories. It is easy to do and won’t consume much time. Take out few strings of fairy lights and by using paper clips, put your photographs on the strings of those lights. Isn’t it simple? Use multiple color strings to add a spark.


5. Beautiful Basket

Ever thought, how pretty a basket can look? Arrange fairy lights in a basket and tie it to the roof with chain or rope. If you don’t have a basket, then you can also use hanging planters in place of that. Simple yet gorgeous!


6. Charming Cage

Bird cages are in trend nowadays and are perfect for decorating your room. Turn your simple cage into a charming one by decorating it with fancy lights and wind chimes. What a delightful cage!


7. Decorate The Desk

Who wants a boring desk? Nobody, so outline the bulletin board near your desk with fairy lights and let those strings fall on your desk. Enclosed baubles fairy lights will be perfect for this idea.


8. Glitter Jar

Before doing this, we never thought that even a cookie jar can look so damn beautiful. Add some glitter in the jar, paste few star stickers on it and scatter fairy lights over the jar. Use more lights to make it look more beautiful.


9. Magnificent Mirror

The mirror is every girl’s best friend. Use strings of fairy lights to give your mirror a makeover. You can use big and fancy bulbs or multi-colored strings to outline your mirror.


10. Delightful Door

Outline the door of your bathroom, bedroom or balcony with fancy fair lights and see how gorgeous it can look in the evening.

Inspired, much? Trust us when we say, these lights have magical powers. Bring them to your house, today!


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