Been single for far too long and not bothered about it at all now? Here are a few images that are sure to make you double down with laughter.

  1. Have you ever wondered why? Like what is this sorcery?

2. Here’s a lil motivation for all the single people out there! It’s not bad at all! You get to enjoy all of your alone time and be your own boss B)

3. I cannot complain here. Life without Memes whether you’re single or taken is absolutely incomplete. Am I right, or am I right?

4. For when you’re feeling pricey. I mean why settle for anything less huh?

5. Does not matter what your relationship status is. When this song is played, be it at a club or even a house party, every girl will dance to this. It’s just like a default setting.

6. It’s warm and cuddly. You don’t need to be ashamed. Except for when things actually do start to get to this stage, you HAVE to start getting out more often!

7. Where are all you boys???

8. This can hurt like a mean ol’ b****. There is a simple solution though. Go ahead and approach them!

9. That’s right. Too cool for you.

10. Don’t you feel that sometimes? That after being single for so long, any human being’s company seems just plain annoying, so you ignore them. 

11. This one’s a thinker, huh girls? 😉

12. Is it just me? Am I the only one who’s either too extra or just a plain slob. There’s no in between whatsoever.

13. NO, THANK YOU! You cannot steal this luxury away from me.

14. That right there, TRUE my friends.

15. Also, TRUE.


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