You is smart,

You is kind,

You is important. (Quote from ‘The Help’)

We’ve all been through heart-wrenching break-ups that have made us rethink about our existence. Sometimes, even made us wonder if we’d be able to smile again. Dramatic much? But let’s agree, that we’ve all been through that one painful ordeal that has set us back in time, energy and money (LOL).

After investing too much of yourself in a relationship, having to accept it as a thing of the past isn’t easy. Everyone is different. People take their own sweet time to heal and in their own  way—and for some, it can take almost what feels like eternity. You may have the support of your folks and friends, but at the end of the day, it is a battle for yourself, a battle with yourself.

And then one day you wake up to fact, only to realise that you no longer feel hurt, and no longer feel numb from the inside. Life’s just gotten better.

Here are a few signs that will make your realise that you’re over that mess –

You’ve stopped keeping tabs on them. You don’t constantly find yourself on their Facebook feed, Instagram page or refreshing your Snapchat stories like crazy to see what they’re doing. It was tough, but blocking or un-friending them on social media was the best thing to ever happen to you!


Running into them in public no longer gives you cold feet. You can look them in the eye, and even pass on a smile, or you know, just look through them. Whatever floats your boat.


Things and places don’t remind you of them anymore. 


You don’t daydream about them, let alone think about them anymore. You’re looking forward to a new relationship, but don’t want to push yourself too hard.


You’re ready to be in a new relationship and dedicate to it solely and completely with all your heart.


When you hear about their new relationship, it doesn’t bother you. You are actually  happy for them, because they’re in course of ruining someone else’s life. 

*evil laughter*


When you get lonely, you don’t look at pictures of the two of you like you used to. Instead, you catch up with some old friends and keep the happy vibes rolling.


You have forgiven the person for the internal peace within you.


You don’t hate them anymore and don’t wish for bad things to happen to them. (Or do you) In fact, they are no longer the first thing you think of in the morning, or the last thing you think of at night.


Last but not the least. Even if they die, it will be the least of your concerns. Except some of us might just drink to that! (Just kidding)


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