And as you breath ,you try hard ,harder even yet you are so awe struck..Now ,some might woud say it was the atmosphere up their but in your heart you know it that is not the case ,it is the beauty ,pure sheer beauty of Ladakh.

Hosting it’s ancestry from Buddhism , creating an aura of tranquillity for itself .The ones suffering from the city find here their haven .A land of mysticity ,a tale of chilly breaths ,in the Himalayas stands tall a beast like a beauty.

Picturesque and Aberrant.

Grandeur in all they are but they were submerged under water thousands and hundreds of years ago ,whence forming granular pointy structures which came into being due to constant erosion of the mountainous soil in the rough climatic conditions up there resulting in giving us such splendid panorama.

Traditional architecture in Leh is the most well contained  of the Tibetan cities in the world and not just that it is also the most important  ensemble of historic Tibetan architecture.

Sunset from the Shanti Stupa :Splendidness  to it’s being,a landmark situated on a hill top,where the Sun paints and cherishes the sky wit blues and covering th sky with all it’s gold..An environment in which as you breath,your soul would only drip peace.

For the Wildlife enthusiasts-If something comes after the majesticity, it is their Bactrian Camels.A remarkable creature for the wildlife lovers as once it is claimed that this breed was used by traders during days of the famed ‘Silk Route’ and originating from Central Asia

Pangong Lake.

Bet you have seen a lot of lakes and all of them stand out for their beauty separately but nay such as this.A vista almost unreal,a vision almost a dream only that this is a dream that can come true,with water so clear you can see what lies beneath it.

Ladakh,strong as it’s core is,it only shines beauty .Ardous it lives but breathes mysticity.


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