Always wanted to get a tattoo but could never get the courage to go ahead with it anyway? Was it because you were worried about how a tattoo would come out or look on your skin? Well, you know, a tattoo doesn’t necessarily have to cover a major part of your skin.

Sometimes, less is more.

Here are a few neat and minimalist tattoo idead that will definitely catch your attention and change your mind. Tattoos are not about getting large portraits painted on your body and getting some random quote inked on, one that you don’t completely believe in.

A tattoo is supposed to be personal and close to your heart. Here are a few, to give you some inspiration –

An abstract artwork, for the artist in you.

A tattoo at the nape of one’s neck only spells delicacy and beauty. 

Something to get, with your BFF or your sister.

Nothing says minimalist better than this flower tattoo. Perched on the shoulder, hidden away most of the time, it is intimate and close to your heart.

A flower on your side rib to remind you – After a flower dies, a new one always blooms.

And the delicacy goes on unappreciated. What people don’t understand is that, tattoos needn’t be out there, in your face. They could just be light, pretty and just there. Doing their own thing.

Finger tattoos have recently gained popularity again. If you have something very dear to your heart or have the commitment of a soldier, get your lover’s name tattooed on your ring finger. No diamond could compare to that.

Another flower tattoo. One just cant get enough of it!

Who says you have got to wear a crown of diamonds on your head? You could have a permanent crown of flowers around the nape of your neck.

Fly away lil birdie. This finger tattoo signifies ones freedom and the will to let go.

This partner tattoo is the best gift the both of you could give one another.

Yin and Yang. Just the way you two complete each other. 

For all those people who don’t float in the normal boat. Here’s a quirky abstract heart tattoo.

This one’s for the child in you! Pikaaacchhuuuuuuu!

For all you dreamers out there. Float away in the nothingness of Space with this Space Cadet.


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