Hush the word Agra and there comes an image of a saga of love and grandeur,that is what the Taj Mahal is.As majestic as it is,but here what has caught our eyes is the slightly lesser known attraction,the Agra Fort,a fine work in architecture.

The moment you set your foot in,which is an entire walled in city you can imagine what life here would have been like in those days.The structures and design have been outstandingly preserved to keep this old beauty still intact and in shape.

Jahangir Mahal.

The Jahangir building marks itself as one of the landmark structures here.

As fascinating as it is to stand in awe of architecture from a distance,there is also something special about it’s fine detailings as well.This one fine architecture comprises of magnificent detailing  and carvings on the  red sandstone.

Not so far off from here is one of the wonders of the world,only a few kilometers,whence it is visible from here.

Covered with latticework carved from marbles are full sized windows in an octagonal room enveloped by the Mughal arches.

The Mughal Islamic architecture and artwork is displayed so wonderfully with carved marble halls and the usage of red sandstone and white marble.

Diwan-i-Khas again provides another good view of the Taj Mahal.

Hidden amidst the walls of this fortress is a private mosque, called the Nagina Masjid, and built from pure marble. It is very small, yet the craftsmanship and design are extraordinary.

The front portion of the fort comprises of the Diwan-i-Am,which was once used as a public hall where royal members who were in association held deliberations.

Taj Mahal is worth a visit but take time out for this one fort as well.

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