Undisturbed it stays by the commotions of its neighbours as if they are nothing to it,drinks in it your noise and let its tranquillity drip in you. Located on the sides of the sea near Gujarat and Arabian Sea,comprising of picturesque sun-bathed beaches, colonial forts and renowned churches,here is Daman for you.


Undisturbed by people and unpolluted by them as well,if you are a beach lover but want some peace with it too,then ditch Goa and see what Daman has to offer : Jalandhar Beach. It also has a small memorial at the top of a hill paired with a stone face structure of the demon.It also houses a temple which is dedicated to Goddess Chandrika.


Hokka Trees-Nature enthusiasts you have something to go here for,Hokka Trees are unusually growing trees which are not found anywhere but here in Diu only.


Strong exhibition of Baroque architecture but with finer craftsmanship and design in comparison to Bom Jesus Basilica at Goa.This one has a unique façade with intricate and appealing decorations .


Located outside the city wall of the Diu ,constructed by the Portugese .Diu Naida caves have a natural opening in the ground extending beyond the zone of light .Naida Caves, Diu have been recognised as one of the majestic natural attractions since prehistoric times. Productive evidence of early man’s interest has been found in  caves observed throughout the world.

Zampa Gateway Diu.

The most prominent fort amongst all other in Diu  is the Zampa Gateway. This is a majestic monument that enthralls the guests with its charisma,consisting of sublime art and architecture,carvings of flora and fauna and angels and inscriptions that work as a time traveller and takes us back to 16th century and an artificial waterfall as well.


And if you are tranquil enough by now and missing on some of the fun, Diu has covered that too for you.The most popular beach in Diu ,Nagao Beach.


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