Winter is here and it feels never ending for us as we wait for the season 8 of Game of Thrones,it is a long time till the main course would be served so meanwhile here we are sharing some snacks in between,some epic and unknown Game of Thrones related facts :

1.)People are naming their children after Game of Thrones character nowadays,

“You all have served me well”

According to a report in 2014 in the United States,the name that was ranked the 755th most popular position was “Khaleesi” and in England as well, other popular names were Jon, Arya ,Theon ,Bran, Khaleesi ,Tyrion ,Brienne and Sansa.

2.)One man-Four roles!

Cersie would be so proud.

Ian Whyte of British origin,a stunt performer and an actor has played four roles in Game of Thrones.In the first two seasons he was a white walker,in season two he was also Gregor Clegane , in season three we saw him as an unnamed giant and lastly died in the Battle of bastards as Wun-Wun.

3.)This franchise has its own official companion rap album.

*drum rolls*

“Catch the Throne”,was put out in 2014 by HBO as an official Game of Thrones themed rap album which later was released for free.In 2015, before the 5th season they added again but this one had some heavy metal tracks.Contributors include Method Man (“The Oath”), Snoop Dogg ( “Lannister ’s Anthem”), Big Boi (“Mother of Dragons”), Talib Kweli (“Lord of the Light”), and Anthrax (“Soror Irrumator”).

4.)Speak Dothraki for real!

“Ride or die.”
– “Che dothras che drivos.”

A conventional language course was released by Living Language in 2014,that will have you speaking like Khal Drogo in no time. The course was crafted by linguist David J.Peterson who worked with HBO to create the Dothraki heard on the show.

5.)More than one Monty Python and the Holy Grail connection.


    “I blow my nose at you as Winter is coming.”

Game of Thrones’pilot was shot in one of the castles which were used for Monty Python and Holy Grail.Three seasons later,in “Breaker of Chins”.an unnamed Meereeenese warrior hurls a series of taunts at Khaleesi that includes , “Your mother was a hamster” ,”Go and boil your bottoms,sons of a silly person” and “I blow my nose at you” , of course in Low Valyrian though.

So how hardcore a fan are you?



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