1.)The name Pokemon is not of a Japanese origin,it literally stands for : ‘pocket’ and ‘monster’.

2.)Many Pokemon names include numbers, The original legendary trio of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres include the Spanish words for one, two, and three (uno, dos, tres). Deino and his evolutions include the German words for one, two, and three (ein, zwei, drei).

Is there even any trio that is’nt awesome?

3.)Some people stated that Pokemon Ditto was an attempt to create Mew but ended up with creating Ditto.Both Pokemon are pink, weigh 8.8 lbs, Transform naturally, and can learn every possible move. And since we know that scientists were indeed trying to create a copy of Mew (aka how Mewtwo was made), this doesn’t seem like a bizarre notion at all.

Bitch please!

4.)In the anime, it is evident that Pikachu and Meowth are on completely opposite sides. That is intentionally done as is based on the animals that they were created to look like: a mouse and a cat.

Another hint at this is that their Pokedex numbers (25 and 52) are exact opposites.

5.)There are two Pokemon in the game that are actually based on real Hollywood celebrities. The punching Pokemon Hitmonchan is based on Jackie Chan, and the kicking Pokemon Hitmonlee is based on Bruce Lee.


So,did you catch’em all now?


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