Amongst the various schools we wanted to go, there’s was one such.Now that it is pretty clear that we are not even anywhere close to fighting witches and fairy hunters and if you have forgotten some details let’s do a catch up and let us look at fairies once again :

An Italian animated television series starring seven fictional fairies :


Flora is the fairy of nature. Her powers come from the plants, and she likes studying plants and flowers. Her planet is Linphea. She was born the 1st march and her fairy sign is Driade. Her boyfriend is Helia and her pixie is Chatta. Her best friends are Bloom and Stella. She´s the most intelligent winx and she´s very pretty. She has got long, brown hair and green eyes. She wears a light green t-shirt, a pink skirt with strawberries, yellow bracelets and earrings, and pink shoes. Her transformation dress is pink with glitters, and includes a green necklace with a pink flower in the middle. Her wings are green.


Bloom is the red-headed princess of Domino. She has the power of the dragon fire. She is the leader of the winx club and also the most powerful of them. Her boyfriend is Sky, prince of Eraklyon. Bloom is the last to get her Enchantix. Her pixie is Lockett, the Pixie of Mazes and Portals. Her normal outfit is a blue and white short sweater with 3pink hearts on it. A blue short skirt with blue and white striped socks with blue sandles . Her Winx outfit is 2 piece sparkly blue with a gold orb on the chest. Her enchantix is a crinkled short sparkly blue dress with sparkly light blue wings.


Stella is the blonde-haired princess of Solaria and the fairy of the Sun and the Moon. Her power is the Sun and she is the oldest of the Winx Club. She met Bloom when she was fighting a Troll on Earth. Her boyfriend is one of the Specialists and his name is Brandon. Stella has the lowest grades in the class from all the Winx Club but she knows fashion really well.

Musa is from Melody and is the the Guardian Fairy of Melody, one of the founding members of the Winx Club, and a former student of Alfea College for Fairies. She was the fifth Winx girl introduced.






Layla is the second oldest of the club. She can change water to any form she chooses called Morphix. She is the princess of Andros. She is an enriched tomboy who loves to dance and skate. She arrives in the Winx Club in season 2. Her pixie is Piff, the pixie of sweet dreams. Her normal outfit is a pink t-shirt and a navy green skirt with pink boot warmers and green boots. Her Winx outfit is sparkly dark and light green. Her enchantix has big jewerly sparkly like wings with a beaded wavy top and bottom.


Tecna is from Zenith, the Guardian Fairy of Zenith, one of the founding members of the Winx Club, and a former student of Alfea College for Fairies. She was the fourth Winx girl introduced.


Crown Princess Roxy is the princess of the Earth fairies and was formerly known as the Last Fairy on Earth.

Through the four seasons of the series, the girls have to fight lots of different enemies, such as witches and fairy hunters. Together with their school’s principal, Miss Faragonda, they learn to tap into their magical abilities and defeat their enemies.

So,how did you like catching up with it?


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