There it is,the time of the year again,which we wish would not ever see the light of the day.Semesters are ending and as always we are clueless or mentally trying to pray for an apocalypse to happen to save the entire student generation from this calamity.

But with odds favouring the other side,we will have to take down this enemy ourselves,we will have to get our soldiers ready confront our books,sharpen our notes and pray to all deities .

Before we march into the battalion here are some quotes from 3 Idiots  to ilighten the mood a little bit  :

“Kaabil bano,kamiyabi saali jhakk maarke peechhe aayegi.”

Pursue excellence, and success will follow, pants down. “-Rancho.

And this is a college, not a pressure cooker! The lion in a circus learns that he needs to sit on the chair if his owner has a whip in his hand. But that lion is called well-trained, not well-educated.” – Rancho.

We learned something about human behavior that day. If your friend fails, you feel bad. But if your friend comes in first, you feel worse.” – Farhan.

Sir! What Number 1, sir? Here we don’t talk about new ideas. Or about new inventions! We only talk about getting good grades, or a good job in the USA. We don’t gain any knowledge here, Sir. They only teach us how to bring back good grades here.” – Rancho.

And yes ,saving the best for the last , “All is well” ,

And so if Rancho says it will be kids,then worry not all will be well.



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