Here are a few things every women should carry with herself for a smooth daily functioning without any hassles.

  1. Lipbalm – Carrying a good ‘ol stick of balm in the purse is a must. Especially with the winter season swooping in. Nobody licks cracked and chapped lips.


2. Sanitary Napkins – You never know when mother nature might come knocking on your door with a little bloody gift. You should always be prepared in case of a surprise.

3. Wallet (Money)  – Always keep a wallet on you for all your cash and loose coins. You can safely keep your credit/debit cards, important receipts, identity proof with you (you never know when it’ll come in use).


4. Charger (Portable) – Because of the extensive use of our phones and our reliability on it, it’s battery is probable to run out and in desperate times, we’re left with no help. It’s always good to carry a portable charger with full battery in it, especially if we know it’s going to be a long night.


5. Perfume/ Body Splash/ Deodrant – Nobody likes to not smell nice, do they? Carry a small bottle of splash to spray on yourself at regular intervals when you’re on the go.

6. Wet Wipes/ Tissues – To stray fresh and wipe off anything, carry tissues on you.

7. Scarf – To protect your face from dirt or just the harsh sun, carry a small thin scarf with you.


8. Mint/ Mouth freshner – To ward off stale/bad breath, keep mints on you.


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