Are you low on bucks but still want to celebrate your birthday, a random get together with friends or party – because hello! The weekend is here!

Here’s a quick an easy, inexpensive way to have a blast without having to shell out much money.

  1. Host it at your place or your friend’s place –  There’s nothing like having a place to yourself where you can party till the wee hours of morning.


2. Buy the alcohol in advance. Pick it up from a departmental store or a mall. Not only will you get a good discount, but also a wide variety.


3. Buy chips and dip in bulk from a departmental store. They have a lot of offers. 



4. Call for food from places that have an offer going on.


5. Decorate the house with fairy light to set a mode going on for the party. They’re not very expensive and very easy to handle and use.


6. Download some killer dance tracks, connect it to your speakers and become the DJ of the party.


7. For minimal damage of things and easy disposal of plates and glasses, buy plastic glasses for drinks and foam or plastic plates for food. This is also easier to clean up.



8. Dress up casually and have a good time with all your friends.




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