Mostly it is North Korea that trends around social media for banning of things but there are a lot more that is banned and not banned but pointlessly banned in the other parts of the world which mostly misses to meet the audience ;

The French felt that the current generation consumes ketchup more than their own various dressings and sauces which in their opinion would lead to an eventual decline in the authenticity ,whence they banned ketchup from school cafeterias.

But, if you order fries then you are allowed to have ketchup with it.


*Phew* at least the French did not take it away from their fries.

Singapore has banned usage of chewing gum since 1992.It has happened to all of us: having a piece of chewing gum stuck to our shoe, or even worse, to our hand when reaching under the table or chair in a restaurant or some other public place. The law was meant to keep the streets and public places clean.

How about better disposal methods?

In 2011, the Malaysian government banned the color yellow in clothing because it was the color of a group of opposition activists. So everybody else is banned from wearing yellow be it T-shirts , belts ,hats or anything.

Yellow ,yellow perhaps not their fellow!

The Saudi Arabian government feels that the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day is completely against Islamic beliefs. So they put a ban on all things related to it, as well as on all things red around St. Valentine’s, from flowers to presents. This did however, lead to a flourishing black market.

Or maybe Saudi secretly sympathizes with the loners too , thanks Saudi !

According to the Australian Classification Board (ABC), women with A cup breasts are not really women and are children whence they have put a ban on it.So according to them if you watch porn with a small breast size woman ,you secretly watch and encourage child porn.


You know what? Just let it be caption less. *meanwhile jumps of a bridge with digesting such absurdity*




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