Strawberry blond red hair and green eyes,featured by a dimpled chin.Nose with a snub look and freckles marking her face.A slim silhouette yet she tried to appear ferocious to her attendants.Her significance was in her braid,thick and lush,touching her thighs.Not only marking her identity from others but what sheer joy took she in playing with her hair,such was the personality of Rohanne Webber.

More popularly known as the Red Widow,she was the Lady of Coldmoat and head of House Webber during the reign of King Aerys I Targaryen. Daughter to Lord Wyman Webber and once even stationed as Lady of Casterly Rock.

At the age of ten she welcomed widowhood.She was married to one of her father’s squire against her own preferences, who was slain at Battle of the Redgrass Field in 196 AC, on the side of House Targaryen.

Her thirteenth name day and wedding bells rang again,Rohanne was married again to a fifty-four year-old man, who soon died of a chill. Six months after his death, she gave birth to their son, who was weak and died within three days.

Almost a comical one was the death of her third husband, Ser Simon Stauton choked to death on a chicken bone.

Whilst her fourth husband, Ser Rolland Uffering died of the Great Spring Sickness. Rohanne bore a daughter by either her third or fourth husband, but the girl did not live a year.

Because of the unfortunate deaths of her husbands and children, Rohanne was called the Red Widow, and the small folk accused her of poisoning her husbands and being a witch who sold her unborn babies to the Lord of the Seven Hells so that he would teach her the black arts.

Despite the series of taciturn of events, several suitors approached her still.When her people built a dam on the Chequy Water, Ser Bennis of the Brown Shield, working for Ser Eustace Osgrey, assaulted one of her workers. Ser Duncan the Tall came to Coldmoat on behalf of Ser Eustace to pay the blood price, but she rejected the offer. Lady Rohanne brought her forces to the Chequy Water, where she was confronted by Duncan, Eustace, and Duncan’s squire, Egg. She accepted a trial by battle, choosing Lucas Longinch as her champion to fight Eustace’s champion, Duncan. Lucas was killed in the trial, and the valor of Duncan reconciled Eustace and Rohanne and on the next morrow were married Rohanne and Eustace.

During Dunk’s attempts to defuse the feud between Eustace and Rohanne, he and she developed a certain sexual attraction. When he woke after nearly being killed in the trial by combat and found she had married Eustace, and then never visited him while he was recovering, he felt rejected. On the day he left Coldmoat, Rohanne tried to offer him a place as captain of her guards, but he refused the offer. She then offered him one of her horses to give him something to remember her by, but Dunk refused that as well. At the conclusion of their argument, they kissed passionately, and Dunk cut off her famous braid to keep it to remember her by.


Her last marriage was to Lord Gerold Lannister and she had four sons with him, twins Tywald and Tion, Tytos, and Jason Lannister. She was the grandmother of Tywin, Kevan, Gerion, Tygett, Genna, Joanna, Stafford, and Damon Lannister.

But one day Lady Rohanne disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 230 AC, less than a year after giving birth to Jason.

Now if you pay attention to the details,the word “Red Widow” itself gives away where did the Lady of Casterly Rock vanished and what did she become into and if you attend to the aforementioned features of Rohanne , she bears an uncanny resemblance to our none other than Melisandre.When Melisandre took off her necklace and left us all stunned with her dilapidated state of body worn down by centuries of age,it was left beyond doubt she has walked the lands in George R.R.Martin’s fiction longer than we can reconcile.

Now some might propose that Melisandre’s real name was Melony and she was sold as a slave child in Asshai but halt a moment and comprehend ,is it not possible for somebody with powers such as hers to cook up a story such as that and convince everybody else with it?

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