Do you sense trouble in paradise?

Have the two of you only been bickering in the past few days? Has it been super difficult to agree to something lately? Have you two been getting into the biggest of fights due to the smallest of reasons? Are you unable to stand your partner? If your answer to most of these questions is ‘Yes’, then an appointment with a relationship counselor is long over – due amd so is ‘the talk’.

Here are a few signs that will make the picture clear for you that the red light of your relationship has already gone off!


 1. You two lead separate lives and usually don’t know what’s going on in your partner’s life – Don’t get us wrong, obviously you don’t want to be smothered by your lover but if you have no clue what you partner has been up to, then ask yourself this. Is your partner even a part of your life, or they yours?


2. You have sex-related problems with each other – Being in a long-term relationship requires a lot of effort to keep things spicy in the bedroom. If you’re not open about what you might want to try out, or if something makes you uncomfortable, things are just going to go downhill, thereon.


3. There is hardly any communication between you two – Communication is key to a healthy relationship and if that’s missing, misunderstandings are bound to happen. It is very important to have heart-to-heart conversations with each other, talk and sort out the root causes of the problems after a fight.


4. You’re thinking of wanting to get with someone –  If this doesn’t alarm you about yourself, then it’s going to be difficult for you to gauge what is alarming for your relationship. The minute you feel like you want out or you want to get with someone else. TALK IT OUT.


5. Your partner is abusive – Does you partner hurt you? This could either be physical, mental, sexual or emotional. If yes, you need to seek help and demand out, from this relationship.


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