Are you qualified enough to call yourself an ‘A’ level foodie? Does you mouth simply water at the sight of hot Vada Pavs being freshly fried in that big ol’ kadai? Would you rather eat hot and spicy food from a thela than go to a restaurant to eat sophisticated food? If you have answered all these questions with a big YES, you’ve also definitely had the food items listed below at some point of time, and there is a possibility that most of them are your all-time-favourites!

Have a look. This article is sure to leave you hungry.

  1. Vada Pav

The most iconic snack of all time! This Indian-burger is the go to food item for every college goer, a quick bite to pick up when you’re getting late for work and are starving. It is best paired with dry red lassan chutney or spicy deep fried chillies. You will find multiple Vada Pav stalls scattered throughout the city!

It barley costs anything and fills up your stomach. You can find a scrumptious Vada Pavs for just Rs. 15/-


2. Pani Puri 

It’s not ‘puchka’ or ‘gol gappa’ or even ‘patashe’. It’s just simple and marvelous Pani Puri. Puri’s filled with spicily flavoured water and ragda or moong with a hint of meetha chutney is the way to go! One plate is never enough. For the perfect Pani Puri experience, you have to have your eyes watering by the end of it. And asking the Chaat waale bhaiya for a sukha puri in the end is a MUST! One plate of Pani Puri will round about cost you Rs.25.


3. Daabeli

Pure deliciousness and a burst of flavour in a pocket. Daabeli is like a type of masala pav which is garnished with pomegranate, masala peanuts and diced onions for that extra crunchiness. After the stuffing is put in the pav, a generous amount of butter is applied on either sides and it is crisped on a hot tawa till it turns golden brown. An an average Daabeli will cost you somewhere between Rs. 15 – Rs. 20.


4. Bread Pakoda

What’s better than a sandwich stuffed with spicy potato filling? Nothing! Not only is Break Pakoda filling but also tasty. You can have it with the chutney of your choice. This snack is available at every bhajiya stall and costs no more than Rs. 20/-


5. Pav Bhaji

When someone says Pav Bhaji, the only thing that comes to my mind is Juhu Beach. You’re sure to find no Pav Bhaji place like this one. Not only do they make it fresh and hot on spot for you, but also slather it with a whole lot of butter. This flavoursome mixture of vegetables and masala is sure to tingle your taste buds, in all the right ways. A plate of Pav bhaji costs Rs. 60- Rs.200.


6. Chinese Pakoda

If Chindian (Chinese + Indian) isn’t the best cuisine, I don’t know what is. For us, Chinese food is all about the schezwan sauce and the fiery red gravy and rice. Another dish birthed by us and claimed to be ‘Chinese’ yet again, is Chinese Pakoda. Very famous among college going kids and adults as well, it is a red pakoda made up of cabbage, to be had with schezwan sauce. One plate with roughly 10-12 pakodas costs Rs. 15.


7. Mysore Masala Dosa

What’s better than Masala Dosa? Mysore Masala Dosa! And nothing can beat an Anna ka raste wala butter marke dosa. What’s even better? The Orange, Green and the White chutney you get along with it. Kind of patriotic don’t you think? A full sized Mysore Masala Dosa can cost you somewhere around Rs. 50 – Rs. 100.


8. Vegetable Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Sometimes when I’m upset, I find my happiness between two slices of bread. NOTHING, I repeat nothing beats a buttery grilled sandwich, unless of course it has cheese in it. Everything with cheese is just better. Our Indianized way to the Grilled Sandwich can have chaat masala or Vada Pav filling at times too. These triangular breaded beings can make your hunger go away and intoxicate you with deep satisfaction. They come in different shapes and sizes. A small square shaped one for chhoti bhook and a big three layered triangular one, for Gargantuan hunger. It can range between Rs. 50 – Rs. 150 depending on its size.

You know, sometimes size does matter 😉


9. Momos

There’s a type for EVERYONE!

There’s fried momos (personal favourite), steamed momos, tandoori momos (the cover is tandoori masala flavoured), veg momos, paneer momos, chicken momos (another personal favourite). They are just small bundles of joy. This Nepalese dish has gained a lot of popularity is the past couple of years. With just about 5-6 minutes of prep-time, one plate of momos, and you can kiss your hunger goodbye. And did I mention? They are so goshdarn delicious and juicy! The prices vary depending on the portion and the kind of momo you’d like to eat. The prices range from as low as Rs.25-40 for half a plate (6 pieces) to Rs. 50 – Rs. 80 for a full plate (12 pieces). You can have it with your choice of sauce. Either schezwan sauce of mayonnaise.

There’s no way in hell you can tell a Momo, you’re not my type.


10. Frankie

Another word for Frankie? Versatility. It’s got a whole lot of stuff going on in it, with its stuffing varying from, schezwan noodles, to spicy potato, to paneer, to egg, to chicken and what not. An average frankie costs around Rs. 25- Rs. 100, depending on your filling.



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